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Alabama Condo Insurance


Many homeowners in Pensacola and throughout the Alabama Panhandle choose to purchase and live in condominiums. The convenient services provided by a condo association are helpful in eliminating personal responsibility for grounds upkeep and certain maintenance projects. Unfortunately, condo insurance can be confusing. What portion of the building do you own, and what portion of the insurance coverage is your responsibility?

If you need help demystifying condo insurance, turn to the dependable, independent agents at Alabama Insurance Agency. Well take the time to explain liability issues and examine your individual risks as a condo owner. Then we’ll shop our network of reliable insurance providers to find policy options for you.

The Basics

Essentially, condo owners own everything in their units from the drywall in. Generally, what you own will be what you need to insure. However, your condo association agreement might have additions or exceptions to these basic responsibilities. You might be assessed certain fees in the event of damage to certain common areas. Review your homeowners agreement. Then speak with one of our insurance agents to find a condo insurance policy that will address your specific needs.

Standard Coverage

Like all homeowners insurance policies, most condo insurance comes with certain standard coverage. This includes

  • Belongings coverage to restore belongings damaged, stolen or lost in a covered event
  • Condo building item coverage to protect unit upgrades such as flooring or cabinetry
  • Medical payments should a guest be injured in your home
  • Personal liability coverage in case you are held liable for injury or damage to another individual or their belongings anywhere in the world
  • Additional housing expenses to shelter you and your household if a covered event leaves your condo uninhabitable

Additional Coverage Options

Sometimes the unexpected happens, and standard coverage might not prepare you for all of life surprises. To better protect our valued customers, we offer customizable condo insurance options. These include umbrella coverage and extended limits as well as

  • Scheduled personal property coverage for valuables
  • Flood insurance
  • Earthquake insurance

To get started, please fill out the easy online quote form. If you would rather speak directly to an insurance professional, call our offices today.

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