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Commercial Auto Insurance


Commercial Auto Insurance for Alabama Businesses

Many businesses in Alabama have some reason to carry commercial vehicle coverage. Whether or not your company owns a fleet of vehicles, you should carry this coverage if you or any of your employees drive while conducting company business. Alabama Insurance Agency, based in Pensacola, has affordable commercial auto policies for both owned and non-owned vehicles.


Whether your company owns a single vehicle for running errands or maintains a large fleet of delivery vehicles, every company-owned fleet needs to be insured to meet state legal requirements. Beyond the minimum state-required coverage, your company should carry insurance coverage that will adequately cover the cost of injuries maintained by an employee in an auto accident as well as any property damage for which your company or your employee may be held liable.

Personal Vehicles

Many companies have employees who operate their personal vehicles while on the clock. Food delivery services often require drivers to provide their own vehicles. Trucking companies may have similar arrangements with their drivers. On a smaller scale, companies that send an employee to pick up office supplies or other items using a privately owned vehicle also need to carry a commercial auto policy for non-owned vehicles.

Rental Vehicles

If you or your employees travel for business, you may need to carry commercial auto insurance for hired vehicles. This type of coverage may protect your business from costly liability issues if you or an employee causes a car crash while driving a rented car to meetings with a client or other company business.

The right insurance policy can save both money and hassles in a time of emergency. Don’t wait until an accident happens to learn more about commercial auto insurance. Get a free online quote for your business today. To speak with an insurance professional about your company’s needs, call our local office during business hours.

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